The limited edition Hoodie Luxe Vibe for the Color of Year 2020- Classic Blue 19-4052 are inspired by and branded Pantone

Composition:100% cotton

No one knows about the color more than Pantone. No one does oversized better than Monochrome.

Greet our official collaboration MONOCHROME + PANTONE, for the Color of the Year 2020 - Classic Blue 19-4052.

The limited edition series of luxe Hoodies, Pants and T-shirts inspired by and branded Pantone are in stock and available for an order.

All items of MONOCHROME + PANTONE are created from unique knitted fabrics manufactured with our special approach and it has light velvet form on the outside part of garments.

During the development of the fabric, we decided to use unusual fleece on the inside part of the canvas. We chose technological way and launched knitted fabrics that perfectly holds shape, has 100% cotton composition, doesn’t crumple and it is totally lint free.