Earn points by paying for orders of any amount with a bank card in


The points are awarded to all customers logged in to their personal account on the Website, subject to online payment by a bank card.

3% of the amount of each purchase, excluding the delivery costs, shall be credited to your bonus account. The points may be used within 12 calendar months.

Note! The points are awarded after 21 calendar days from the date of purchase in the online store.



You may write off the earned points when placing an order on, at the same time you shall log in to your personal account and choose online payment. 

When placing an order, choose the LOYALTY payment method and select the desired number of points that you would like to write off for the order payment. Each earned point is equal to one (1) ruble.

You may pay for no more than 99% of the purchase amount with points. If the number of earned points is lower than the order cost, the system will automatically calculate the amount of the required additional payment, and you will be re-routed to the online card payment page. If the number of points exceeds the purchase price, the part remaining after the writing off will remain on your account in your personal account profile.


To spend the points in an offline store, before paying for your purchase, please tell your telephone number and show the QR code from the Wallet application to the store employee. 

In this case, you may make an additional payment either by a bank card or in cash.


The start of the MONOCHROME Loyalty Program, which provides for the possibility of awarding and writing off the points  – Nov. 19, 2021.

If a purchase is paid for with points, new points are not awarded for such purchase.

If a product, for which the points were awarded, is returned, such points shall also be written off from your bonus account.

If a product, upon payment for which the points were written off, is returned, such points shall also be returned to your bonus account within three (3) working days after the manager processes the return. The Validity Period of the returned points remains the same as it was at the time of their writing off. If, at the time of the product return, the Point Validity Period has already expired, then in this case, the points written off upon the purchase of the returned product shall not be awarded to the bonus account. 

Points cannot be written off when paying for items from limited collaborations. 

When you pay with a GIFT CARD, points are not credited.

You may use the points when paying for any models available on the Website and available for order / purchase at that time.

You may check the number of bonus points on your bonus account in your personal account on the Website, in the Wallet application or by contacting MONOCHROME employees in any way convenient for you (by telephone: +7 499 112 03 30, by e-mail:, or via Direct on Instagram – @monochrome_you).

The Company reserves the right to change the Terms of the Loyalty Program at any time.

​monochrome™ wallet card

You can download the MONOCHROME WALLET CARD to your smartphone. You can download the card from your personal account on the website. 

After downloading the Card, you may track the point receipt and writing off, and you will receive notices about new arrivals and access to presale of limited products.

Note! For such purpose your cellphone shall have the Wallet application installed (Apple Wallet (for iOS) or Google Pay (for Android)).

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