Monochrome is the first and only brand that actively promotes oversized fashion and uses this format as a key direction in creating its collections.

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Brand Monochrome was founded in 2015, the top stylist of Russian show business Alisa Boha

The iconic Monochrome cult sweatshirts and hoodies went far beyond street fashion, gaining recognition from most of the world's leading fashion glossy and business media , among which of Vogue , the Blueprint , Buro 24/7 , ELLE and many others , as well as becoming a regular position in wardrobes of top celebrities of the country and around the world  .

In the summer of 2020 and Monochrome first took part in a major official international collaboration MONOCHROME + PANTONE , presenting the world the luxury series of its key products in the color of 2020 , at the Institute of the color version of the Pantone ( the Pantone Color Institute ) - Classic the Blue 19-4052 .

today it is an absolute benchmark in the industry, identifying the definition of oversize.

The company "MONOCHROME" carries out absolutely transparent business activities in full compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation, is a bona fide tax payer, forms official jobs , adhering to high standards of work organization, and also carries out its charity mission, directing part of the profits to charitable foundations throughout the country .

Since 2018 Monochrome is developing its own types of knitted fabrics for its exceptional specifications, placing orders for the world's leading textile mills , and advanced equipment, qualified staff and exceptional working conditions ensure the standard quality of tailoring, which the brand proudly demonstrates in the Russian market and far beyond.

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All Monochrome products are certified and declared in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and the provisions of the Eurasian Economic Union, are safe for use, transportation, storage and subsequent disposal, do not contain harmful chemical impurities in the composition of the fibers of the fabric and its dyes, and are harmless to use as the first and subsequent layers of clothing for adults and children.

Patent and Law

Production Monochrome protected and the Regulations of the Russian Federation law regarding protection of intellectual property. Any manifestations of copying, misleading the buyer to her by imitating the general stylistic features of the product and the trademark, in particular to the point of confusion, are an occasion to appeal to the courts with a view to initiating administrative cases of production with the requirement to seize and destroy products recognized as counterfeit by the decision of the Court, as well as to make material compensation as a result of violations of primary intellectual property rights and lost financial gain in favor of the company MONOCHROME LLC.

Monochrome certified trademark gives us priority right to create products under the same name in the field of textile production, printing and souvenir products, sports goods, household goods (excluding food products and socially significant product categories) and other categories that are the field of activity company MONOCHROME. Information on state registration of a trademark is contained in the databases of Rospatent, as well as other regulatory bodies falling under the jurisdiction of those countries in which we are represented outside the Russian Federation.