MONOCHROME™ is the first and the only lifestyle brand that actively promotes oversize fashion and uses this format as its key focus.

lifestyle oversize

The company was founded in 2015 as a creative department specializing in design printing.

In 2016, with the onboarding of Alice Boha the Head Designer, the company presented the first oversize sweatshirt with super oversize sleeves, disproportionate cuffs and a minimalistic MONOCHROME logo print on the chest, which ever since has become a benchmark not only for our own in house product lines, but also for the fashion industry as a whole.

Today, MONOCHROME’s cult sweats and hoodies have gone far beyond street fashion.

MONOCHROME has been recognized by world’s leading fashion and business media, including Vogue, the Blueprint, Buro 24/7, ELLE and many others; our products have become a ‘must have’ in the wardrobes of the top Russian and international celebrities.

In the summer of 2020, MONOCHROME took part in a major official international collaboration with PANTONE Colour Institute, MONOCHROME™ + PANTONE, and issued a luxury series of signature styles in official 2020 colour - Classic Blue 19-4052.

Same year, two more international collaborations took place - with CASIO G-SHOCK Japanese brand and REEBOK the world’s largest sportswear manufacturer (a member of ADIDAS GROUP). The REEBOK collaboration became a real hit and was sold out in the first two weeks worldwide!


All MONOCHROME products are certified in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation and the provisions of the Eurasian Economic Union, proven safe to wear, transport, store and dispose of; the fabrics and dyes used in production are free of harmful chemicals, safe to wear as first and second layers of clothing for adults and children.


MONOCHROME produce is protected by the Provisions of the Russian Federal Agency on Intellectual Property. Any instances of copying, misleading buyers by imitating or mixing the general stylistic features of the products or the trademark, are grounds for appealing to courts in order to initiate an administrative case for the seizure and destruction of the non-genuine products proven to be counterfeit by Court; as well as for claiming for material compensation for infringements against the original intellectual property rights and loss of financial profit by LLC MONOCHROME.

The MONOCHROME registered trademark gives us priority to create the following products with this brand name: textile production, printing and souvenir production, sports goods, fast moving consumer goods (except foods and socially significant products), and other products by LLC MONOCHROME. Information on the state registration of the trademark can be found in the databases of Rospatent, as well as other regulatory bodies under the jurisdiction of those countries where the brand is presented outside the Russian Federation.

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