(LIFE)™ - a monochrome™ charity initiative in support of the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation, which since 2008 helps children with cancer and other severe diseases of the brain and spinal cord. The collection contains items in red color, the profits from the sales of which are transferred to the Foundation every month and sent for diagnosis and treatment of wards, equipping medical institutions and the organization of rehabilitation programs.

In less than 2020, we were able to send more than 1,000,000₽ of donations, which made it possible to provide the necessary treatment for nineteen children from among the wards of the Khabensky Foundation.

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Thank you for choosing LIFE.
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россия входит в список стран, в которые мы доставляем
доставка бесплатная от 15 000 руб. Вы можете оплатить своей национальной валютой, стоимость покупки будет сконвертирована по курсу ЦБ РФ на момент оплаты.