Кампейны 17 апреля 2023
Closed Space

Closed Space - this is the name the capsule acquired on the eve of the Day of Cosmonautics, when we decided not to release the limited edition collection dedicated to the first human spaceflight into official sale.

Nevertheless, our second "space" capsule certainly deserves to tell about it in detail, because, just like the first flight into space, it marks a crossroads of eras, where centuries-old traditions and modern cultural images are combined.

This time for the Day of Cosmonautics we decided to launch a literally intergalactic partnership with Russia's first private porcelain factory, Manufaktura Gardner in Verbilki, which was founded in 1754 and for more than two centuries created masterpieces of porcelain art that decorated imperial palaces in Russia and Europe.

MONOCHROME™ and Verbilki have created exaggeratedly large porcelain buttons in a cosmic design with a natural gold finish for the only sweater in the Upcycle series. Read more about the project in The Voice magazine, which will be available May 20.

Separately, we have developed a limited edition of T-shirts with a "lunar" print, referring to the historic landing of the first astronauts on the natural satellite of the Earth. It is important for us to remember and understand that new achievements are impossible without the first breakthrough ideas and feats, just as a lunar expedition would not have been possible without the first flight into the orbit of our planet.

Today mankind is on the verge of mastering space tourism, an event the scale of which half a century ago we could not have imagined, but this does not mean that all the achievements of previous years automatically turn into "space dust" - they have forever become part of the big story, a fascinating journey filled with a crazy cocktail of intelligence, love of exact science and adventurism.