Репортаж 03 сентября 2023

Dear friends, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing this day with us! Exactly 3 years ago, the history of our retail stores began, which only continues to gain momentum!

This year we celebrated the beginning of our new year symbolically: "by launching the ball into the game", namely, we organized a table tennis tournament right in the center of Stoleshnikov Lane, in which even the Second Racket of the World, Svetlana Kuznetsova, took part. Especially on the occasion of the tournament, the guests received limited pink tennis rackets as invitations.

Traditionally, as part of the evening, MONOCHROME presented an updated F* CKING capsule, which the brand produces exclusively once a year – for the birthday of retail. By the way, the sold out of the collection happened a couple of hours after its release.

To prolong the feeling of summer, we enjoyed the performances of our favorite artists in a circle of good friends: GRISHA, ANNA (ex. Cream Soda) and Shanyana & Guru Groove Foundation.

We would like to thank the friends of the brand in the person of Natalia Podolskaya, Alexey Sukhorev, Ekaterina Keira, Alex Vois, Isabel Aidlen and all-all-all who came to the Table on September 3 to congratulate us on our birthday and extend the summer a little. Thank you for being with us, we love you!