Новости 29 декабря 2023
MONOCHROME™ Magazine (WINTER 23/24)

Letter from chief designer Alisa Boha and founder of the MONOCHROME™ brand Nikolay Bogdanovich:

Our New Year issue of the magazine is on the one hand an occasion to thank ourselves for the work we have done, and on the other hand a starting point to the new year 2024 with the realization that more developments, projects, shoots and everything that makes us happy every day are waiting for us to share this happiness with you as generously as possible.

And this is very important to us, because every year we realize that being happy is our most important desire. Happiness is called to unite, to fill with goodness and joy, despite the fact that everyone has its own. We sincerely wish you to find your happiness!

Happy 2024!
The dragon is a nice guy! We believe in him, in ourselves and in you!

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