Новости 31 мая 2021
MONOCHROME™ (LIFE) x Khabensky Charity Fund

We are happy to officially share the first REAL results of our (LIFE)™ charitable initiative, in which profits from the sales of the MONOCHROME™ product series are donated to the Konstantin Khabensky Charity Fund every month.

During the last year 2020 we managed to donate more than 1,000,000 rubles, which allowed us to provide the necessary treatment and return to full life nineteen children from among the wards of Khabensky Fund!

Oleg (12 years old)

He loves playing the guitar and dreams of opening his own business in the future. The funds from the purchase of MONOCHROME™ products were used to pay for an MRI scan, which helped the doctors choose the right treatment.

Timofey (14 years old)

The boy has been fighting the disease since 2012. During this time, Timofey began to get into magic tricks, and now he always has with him props with which he can surprise everyone with magic tricks.

Kira (12 years old)

The girl has already undergone various types of treatment and is now under dynamic observation. Kira is engaged in a theater studio and loves to watch the activities of bloggers.

Adeline (7 years old)

The girl is now recovering from her illness. Thanks to funds donated by MONOCHROME™, the foundation was able to pay for Adelina's third course of systemic psycho-physical rehabilitation. Adelina was supported at the shooting by her older sister Diana.