Кампейны 18 апреля 2024
MONOCHROME and Yandex Plus joint project, combining industrial, fashion and sound designs in a unique drop

The project started with the development of a limited edition design for Yandex Station 2 together with the Yandex Plus team: the idea to create a unique print for the speaker with the virtual assistant Alice from Alisa Boha was the key and most emotional motive. That's how the project evolved into a separate drop and spring playlist.

The limited edition collection by MONOCHROME and Yandex Plus included three items: a raincoat, a t-shirt and Yandex Station 2. The centrepiece of the drop was a print in the form of sound waves and the identity of the two brands in 3D-reading. The Yandex Station is adorned with MONOCHROME signature pattern in the Yandex Plus gradient colours, creating an equalizer silhouette on each side of the gadget.

And in order to support the mood and the idea of the project as a whole, we've put together a joint spring playlist with Yandex Plus. Just say: "Alice, switch on MONOCHROME playlist" or open it in Yandex Music.

Vanya Dmitrienko and Sasha Ice - a couple whose positive vibes reflect the mood of the collection to the maximum.

Товары, представленные в кампейне:
45 000 ₽