A style icon of modern times, a real selfmade woman- the incredible Aliona Doletskaya

Starring Aliona Doletskaya

Style Alisa Boha

Photographer Alena Nikiforova

MUAH Maria Chepchugova

When we went to a photoshoot with one of the main idols of the modern fashion, with the woman whose influence in the industry can not be overestimated, we felt both excitement and indescribable delight.

The shooting took place in the country house of Aliona Doletskaya. The same as herself, everything was unusual there - from the smallest household items and unique decor, to the architecture of the buildings and landscape design. Moreover, the format of work on the set was reminding long-awaited friendly meeting.

According to our protagonist , she has been following the development of the Monochrome brand for a long time and she is  fan of our products. One of Aliona's favorite wardrobe items is our premium Hoodie KARMA, which was presented in early 2019 and released in a limited edition. Now the unit is no longer found in the brand's catalog, but the KARMA color  is one of the most popular in the palette.

If days before somebody had said that one day Aliona Doletskaya would be the model for our advertising campaigns, furthermore that our idol would be posing on the roof of her own vintage Lincoln, we would have invented a time machine to speed up the approach of this moment.
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